Bass Phillip Crown Prince Pinot Noir

澳洲 巴斯菲利浦 皇冠王子 黑皮諾

澳洲,Gippsland 吉普斯蘭
巴斯菲利浦酒莊 Bass Phillip
Pinot Noir 黑皮諾

Crown Prince Pinot Noir呈現晦暗色澤。釋放新鮮莓果、櫻桃、李子及些許香料氣味,並夾帶燻肉與大地氣息。入口後,展現濃郁莓果融合淡淡菇菌風味,口感鮮甜迷人,不失田園樸實之風格。

The colour is quite deep and the aroma has fresh berry fruit characters with overtones of cherry, plum and some spices. There are attractive berry fruit flavours with some meaty and earthy characters as well. The middle palate shows some development with a textured, quite rich berry character together with a hint of fungus. With its extra time in the bottle the wine has begun to ‘fill-out’ and showing very attractive fleshy overtones and a little earthiness.